American Flag


When you look at the American flag, you will see 13 horizontal stripes both red and white and 50 stars on the top left side. Also, it consist three colors includes blue. If we look at in general, USA flag seems catchy because of its colors but what about the real meaning?

Actually, the flag was adopted officially in 1777 but there was no meaning to attached it. When we look at in detail, the white vertical stripes represent purity and innocence. Also, red also shows hardiness and valor so you can say it seems like color of blood. Thus, people use red color in their flag for indicating their heroism and bravery. Besides that the meaning of colorful stripes, their number also has a meaning. For example, 13 stripes indicate the honor of the original colonies that declared independence from the United Kingdom and became the first states in United States. In addition, 50 stars specify the number of states in the country.

The meaning of the flag for Americans is unity and strength of the country. It symbolizes pride for the citizens and it is a viable icon in the history of the nation. Also, because of the new states, government added new stars to flag until 1960. The last star on the flag was introduced on 4th July 1960 and specified the state of Hawaii.

American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag
American Flag

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