Group Interview Questions And Interviewing Tips


Your cover letter and resume serves the purpose and the employer calls you for interview. That was what you expected or you are surprised. No matter. This article will give you some tips for the group interview and some basic questions, that you will probably face.

The interview can be in two ways; they can interview with you alone or they can choose group interview. Group interview is used more than the personal one. Because the employer can see your group interactions, how you show yourself among the other candidates, whether you can shine in the group or you pale beside the other candidates. The group interview is also time-saving. They spend less time and time is important for everyone, especially for the employers.

Tips For Group Interview

There are some tips for you to shine in a group interview:

1.Prepare An Introduction To yourself

The first minutes of the interview is very important, you must be prepared beforehand. You can be excited or it can be very difficult for you to connect the words, or it can be hard to take a breath. I you prepare a self-introduction beforehands, it will be an advantage to gain some time to relax.

2.Research About The Company

Researching about the company beforehand shows that you know enough for the job, and you give importance to that job. So you know what they give importance and you can walk on that path.

3.Be Confident

You should make your voice heard and you should speak clearly. You shouldn’t say ‘err….’They must see that you can speak fluently and you know what you say. You should look them in the eye, the eye contact is very important. It shows that you have self-confidence.

4.Be A Good Listener

While the others are saying something, listen to them carefully and smile as much as possible. That is the sign of your respect for the others.

Good Listener
Good Listener -theglasshammer.com

5.Be A Leader

Find a chance to lead the conversations. But don’t be disturbing or aggressive. Be yourself and behave like a maestro.

6.Ask Brilliant Questions.

You need to shine among the others. Don’t be like everyone else, you have only one shot and you should use it effectively. A brilliant question will give a chance to be remembered after the interview.And here are some questions that can be useful to know beforehand:

Group Interviewing Questions

1.How do you describe yourself?

2.How do your colleagues describe you?

3.Whoy do you want this job?

4.What do you know about this job?

5.Why should we choose you?

6.How do you work in a team?

7.What are your future goals?

8.What would we lose if we don’t hire you?

9.Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

10.How do you deal with problems?

11.What salary are you looking for?

12.What was the reason for leaving your last job?

13.What does ‘success’ mean in your life?

14.What makes you happy in working life?

15.Do you think that you are a leader?

16.Are you a team player or are you seeking a chance to show yourself alone?

17.What is your biggest professional success so far?

18.How do you handle stress?

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