Marine Corps Fields


There are many people who are curious about the Marine Corps, how to advance in these fields. People should be aware of the fact that these fields have four codes including skills and jobs. Besides, these codes give an idea about how they organize in Marine Corps fields. Job codes include an occupation in these fields. For instance, you begin a job in the first time, and you go ahead by means of education and training, which is Prime Marine Occupational Special’ s process. As you get ahead, your title and duties will expand in parallel. Thus, this passage talks about their responsibilities and fields codes’ responsibilities.

Marine Corps - flickr.com
Marine Corps – flickr.com

Responsibilities of Marine Corps

These specialties work with the consciousness to use the equipment actively, provision with health, safety and it gives much importance to the productivity of jobs.

  • They work by following the instructions that are parallel with policies.
  • Researching on this area by preparing new reports
  • In case of earthquake, accident and other natural events, they work in correlation with relevant institutions.
  • Following all the developments on this branch
  • Taking participate in some seminars that are organized for marine
  • Following all the trends that occur all around the world

Important Fields

There are some fields that Marine Corps possess from the intelligence to Engineer. Thus, you can follow all the codes and options on the base of your qualifications.

From 1 to 20

01 includes Personal and Administration department, while 02 comprises of Intelligence.03 includes Infantry in that there are many soldiers. The branches of Logistics take place in the 04. Marine air ground task force participates in 05, which has plans for military. One of the most important skills is Communications, which is in 06. In addition, 08 include Field Artillery that has heavy weapons and guns. While 09 have training part, 11 have utilities for marine. 13 include engineering department along with construction and equipment. 18 have some vehicles such as tank.

From 21 to 46

In 21, you can find Ground Maintenance. Besides, 26 numbers have Electronic Usage along with Signs. 27 have linguist department.  28 have electronic provision, while 30 have administration and applications. 31 are related with traffic, 33 include food order. 34 have financial administration. 35 account for transports via motor. 41 numbers have Community, whereas 43 are interested in current affairs about society. 44 numbers are keen on Legal department, but 46 numbers have camera.

From 55 to 62

55 numbers have the best department of some people, and it includes music. Besides, 57 numbers have Chemistry and biology and nuclear developments. And 58 numbers are about Military Police. While 59 include Electronic Provision, 60/61/62 includes Aircraft departments.

From 63 to 80

63 and 64 have Electronics with air. While 65 include these electronics ordnance, 66 include logistics about these electronics. 68 organize meteorological developments. And 70 comprise of Airfield departments.72 include Air support and welfare of air. In 73, you can come across navigational officers. And 80 include some requirements of marine.

What You Could Do?

You can read all the information about military specialties that are related with you. You can read and look for the steps for the marine in order to find a job about military. Thus, all the specialties might be suitable for your interests and skills. That is why you can find a suitable profession for your next career. By means of trainings and educations, you can also take participate in the military occupations in the future. It will enable you to spend a joyful time along with a strong experience.

Where You Could Get Training?

You can get education after matching with specialties. However, you can ask the question of where you will get these. It is up to your preference to live for military. Your preferences will shape a route for your career of military life. Be comfortable by considering this joyful experience, and travelling to other countries will give you a crucial part of your life.

All in all, these experiences in military life will be an important part of your career life. Think about all the requirements of this service and match with all of these skills. And besides, you will have a great time by spending much time on these branches. Travelling and visiting overseas will contribute to your life by acquiring new cultural information about other companies. Think these beauties twice and try to get a job in Marine Corps Specialties. You will possess many more things than you expect! Be self confident and try to do the best for these circumstances if you like travelling abroad. Seas will be your best friend during this career life.

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