Questions for Reference Check


If the firm which you had a job interview, said that he or she would make a reference check, you can think that there is last one step to be accepted for the job. If you are successful in this duration, you will be accepted for that job. You can be sure!

While Human Resources Specialists choose the applicant who is the most suitable for the position, they don’t focus on just your experiences and skills. A reference check which is made after a job interview, is quietly effective. We can identify reference as an employer or an authority who is responsible for you in your previous job or project.

Questions for Reference Check

Reference check provides your employer to have information about you. That’s why, lots of employers who are aware of advantages which are provided by reference check, make reference check before he or she makes a job offer. With reference check, trueness of information on CV and trueness of information which was given in the job interview is confirmed. Also it can be searched if the applicant is suitable for that position or not. If your job interview is positive, there are some standard questions to be asked to your references. These questions are at below:

  • How long have you known the applicant whom you are reference for?
  • What was the applicant’s duty while you were working together?
  • Can you accept starting date of employment and ending date of employment for the applicant?
  • Do you specify why the applicant left the job?
  • Can you explain responsibilities of the applicant in the company?
  • Was there any problem effecting the applicant’s work performance?
  • How was the applicant for the job?
  • Is he or she a good team-mate?
  • Have the applicant gotten on with the manager and other colleagues?
  • How do you evaluate the applicant’s skills?
  • What are her or his weaknesses and strengths as a worker?
  • Is there any character type which the applicant cannot work with?
  • What is your idea about whether the applicant is open new ideas and procedures or not?
  • How is the applicant’s performance under the stress?
  • What was the biggest successful of the applicant while he or she was working for your company?
  • How are leadership, management and supervision skills of the applicant? How do you evaluate them?
  • Do you want to work with him or her again?
  • If I say the position that we will accept him or her for the job, can you say to me if he or she is suitable for that position or not?
  • How was his or her salary before he or she left his or her job?
  • Did he or she have any promotion while he or she was working for your company?

Actually, you cannot check what your previous employer will say about yourself, but you can be sure that your personal references’ answers can match with your answers. If the subject is your work experiences and your skills, you can certainly be sure that you and your references give same answers. In reference check, trueness is important. An employer or an authority or Human Resources Specialist wants you to say correct things and he or she makes reference check to be sure that you are right.

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Questions for Reference Check

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