Thank You Letter


There are some kinds of thank you letter. You can find the definition how to sent a thank you letter after the interview. Sending a letter of thanks or a note is an indication of your professionalism.

What is a Thank You Letter?

Thank you letter is not a job search method. It express your satisfaction with the employer’s interview for the relevant position. You have also shown interest in the position.

Today, the most effective way to send a letter of thanks is by e-mail.

Why Should You Send a Thank You Letter?

After the interview, sending a thank you note is a polite behavior. It is a good opportunity to remind your business experience and skills. It is a good way to write a letter of thanks to change a negative interview. Also, It is an excellent tool to re-express a subject that you forgot.

If you want to get ahead of other candidates in job interviews and attract the attention of the employer, you can start by sending a letter of thanks to the expert you are interviewing. There are many candidates who apply for the same position as you, with similar experiences and competencies. You can reveal your difference by writing a thank you letter. In your letter, you should avoid appearing hopeless or over-confident when specifying your abilities to suit your position.

Thank You Letter
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How Do You Write a Thank You Letter?

You can write a letter explaining why you want the job position, your personal characteristics, and your contributions to the company.

In the first paragraph, you should start by thanking the first sentence for calling you to the interview. After that, you can express your gratitude for taking the time to work in employer’s busy work schedule. You should take care to use a gentle language in your letter.

In your second paragraph, you can tell us why you are so grateful and how it will affect you in the future. You should prepare a personal letter indicating that there is no general letter.

You can also express that you want to stay in touch to keep the door open for communication.

In your last paragraph, repeat your gratitude with a simple, short last sentence. At the end of the page, you can use statements such as ‘yours sincerely’, ‘respectfully’.

It is important to write your thank you letter within 24 hours.

You can examine an example of thank you letter at below.

Dear John Palm,

Human Resource Director

ABC Company

I’m very pleased to meet with you and also getting information about your company. I also thank you for taking your time in your busy work schedule.

Thank you for giving me oppurtunity to discuss about online marketing. I believe that I’m a perfect candidate for this position because of my doctorate and experiences in information technology. You mentioned about how important personal initative is. If I have working oppurtunity in your company, I believe that meet your expectations with my experiences on marketing. I would like to stay in touch with your company all the time.

In addition, Your work on the future of employees in your business has impressed me so much. I look forward to your answer. If you request more information about me, please call me from this phone number.


Yours sincerely,

Jasmine Hanson

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