The Art of Saying “No!”


There is a real problem to say “No!” in business life. Lots of different methods are used to give a negative answer from business life to individual relationships. What are these methods and why can’t we say “No!”?

Say “No!”

For example; you gave an offer to a firm. And you are waiting for their answer. After a specific waiting duration, you start to call the firm’s authority. You come across these behaviors:

  • Your offer is being examined. We will return you. (Time is passing and no one is calling you. You are learning the job is giving to other firm or you are guessing it.)
  • Your offer didn’t reach us. Can you send it again? (It is a strategy to have more time.)
  • We haven’t decided yet. (There is no information about decision duration. And time is passing, job is giving to other firm and it is even started.)
  • You are calling the person who took the offer from you. But he or she doesn’t reply you. (When as the offer was demanded as so very urgent.)
  • You are calling the person but he or she doesn’t give a reply to you. (But you talked lots of time until you gave the offer!)
  • You are calling the person who you gave the offer. He or she said that he or she would talk with the authority. But he or she doesn’t return to you.
  • There are more examples about this issue.

How to Say “No!”

Not to return to a person or a company shows that you are not suitable for professional working system. When as there are more polite ways to say “No!” It is important to say “No!” to give an end for callings of the firm and not to be disturbed. There are some examples to say “No!” at below:

  • Mr. or Mrs. X, thank you for your interest. I cannot accept your service now. (Or I don’t need or I take from other firm.) If you share your contact information, I can return to you when I need. Have a nice day!
  • Your offer was examined but it wasn’t approved. Thank you for your interest. I hope we can work together at future.
  • If you have more sincere relationships, it can be more correct to give an answer as oral. “I spent your so much time. I made you tired with offers. But now I cannot accept it. Thank you for your interest so much.
  • If you want to give a negative reply to a person who wants to take an appointment from you, you can give these replies: “Mr. or Mrs. X, I am in very intensive term now. Unfortunately I cannot give a date to you. When I am free and I need, I call you. Thank you.
  • It is important to understand that while you are giving a negative reply in business life, you don’t give that reply to that person, you give that reply to that situation or service.
  • While you are giving a negative answer, you don’t need to specify the reason. If you want the firm or the company develop itself, you can specify your reason like service, price, interest, product’ quality, inability or deficiency, etc. It can be beneficial. Actually, to express such things with a polite language will be more constructive approach.
  • When you give a negative reply, you don’t give the person or the firm or the company up. The issue is closed about the situation which is demanded. We keep the right to demand services that we can benefit at future.

The Art of Saying “No!”

There is a real problem to say "No!" in business life. Lots of different...

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