What Is Part Time?


There are many people who are curious about the part time working. They would like to prefer to work part time because of some reasons. That is to say, they don’t work full time and they get the money as half of the normal salary on the base of regulations. Besides, there are some people who would like to improve themselves in one branch, while they are studying at university or high school. It may be useful for them to move ahead in the future. Since, it will transform into the reference in next job positions. There are many advantages to work in part time jobs. Thus, people or younger people especially work for such positions to assess their time by working. Therefore, this passage talks about what part time job is, how the countries make regulations for these jobs, what the advantage is to work in it, what kind of jobs can be among these jobs.

What Is Part Time Job?

We can say that it is working less than normal standards with reciprocal agreement between the employer and employee. That is to say, the salary changes on the base of the weekly working. Full time workers work during the whole week, while the part time worker does this in specific period of the week.

Part Time Regulations of Countries

Germany determines it on the base of weekly working. It is shorter time to work in the companies or in the jobs on the base of week. However, USA makes regulation about it between 16 hours and 32 hours regularly. While France determines part time job as less than one out of five during a week or a month, England wants the part time worker to work less than 30 hours in a week. However, Spain specifies it on specific days or weeks in a week or in a month and even in a year. You see that these determinations change on the base of countries.

Why It Is Important?

There are many advantages to work below.


It is important to make advertisements of resume. Generally new grads don’t have enough experience, so the companies don’t prefer to work with them, which drive new grads to the unemployment and empty dreams. However, you can show your performance before graduation by feeling energetic. Try to find a job for you before graduation, which will provide you with new chances after completion of education. Maybe you can come across full time offers following years.

Direction of Budget

You can have pocket money by working, which acquires you the ability to direct the budget. That is to say, it enables you power and capacity to save the money before application of positions. Besides, you will be able to learn how to assess the money.

Quality of Time

You can learn to assess quality of time by doing two works simultaneously. Besides, you anticipate the value of free time by assessment of time quality. Thus, you can learn how you should behave in some occasions.

Social Environment

You can easily get solid social environment along with communication skills, different points of view, which contributes to the career life. Besides, you can invest your money for the future. Thus, you might get solid references in next career experiences.

Awareness of Yourself

You can understand your qualifications and skills about what you can carry out or what you cannot achieve. It is the period to learn your qualifications, which makes you move ahead following years. Thus, you could anticipate whether the job position is suitable for you or not on the base of requirements.

Part Time Working Areas

There are many opportunities that you could work.

Operator of Appointment

Provided that you have good communication skills, it will be good for you to arrange the appointment. You will arrange appointments by means of phone or in person. Besides, you may call potential customers, too.

Customer Service

If you love to help people and love to find solutions for the problems, you may think to work in customer service, too. You can work in flexible hours.

Entry of Data

You can also enter the data quickly in the house or on the net. However, it is important to type the data true and fast. Besides, you may need judicial or medicine terminology.


If you have a car or a taxi, you can deliver the food, flowers, packages or others in customers’ hands. These works bring about with unbelievable chances such as deposit.

Trainer of Fitness

Do you prefer to spend your time on gyms? As trainer of fitness, you can share your healthy life by earning money.  You can train the younger or other people in the branch of fitness by transforming time to the money.

Restaurant Host

You can work as a waiter, too. However, host and hostess are much more advantageous for you, if you are good at greeting people.  Besides, you can follow the flow of guests in the hotel or restaurants.

Baby Sitter

Do you love to work with younger children or babies?  You can find time to take care of the children or babies whose mum and dad are working in a day. Besides, organize your schedule on the base of hours.

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Part Time – simgedanismanlik.net


If you are student in the university, you can explain what you learn to the others. It is very advantageous to earn money by this way. Provided that you possess patience and excellent communicative skills, you can try it, too.

All in all, part time working is advantageous to some extent. It will give you many opportunities from saving money to getting reference in the future. You will have a great time to work as yo wish. It will be not only enjoyment but also productiveness. No matter how old you are, you can try these opportunities as soon as possible. And then you will have both power of finance and power of new experiences for the future. Keep self confidence and try it!

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