What You Should Wear for Interview


Many people especially new grads ask the question of what they could wear for interview, which makes their minds complicated. Interviewers decide whether a candidate is suitable for the job position or not on the base of their clothes and appearance, especially in the first few minutes they do this. They decide according to their attentive appearance. Thus, it enables them to eliminate from the other candidates easily. That is why it is important to keep some details in your minds.  You should decide what to do or what you avoid doing for the interview. This passage explains what you should pay attention to do for the interview from the hair style to make- up before seeing an interviewer.

Collect Information of Employees before Interview

You should make some research on the net via social media accounts of the company that opens the position. That is to say, you can visit many web sites such as Instagram or Facebook Or Linkedin by looking for the employees’ pictures. Since, you may need to wear more officially in some institutions such as bank, holding, law offices, while you may need to wear more creative and colorful clothes in such as advertorial agencies, fashion studios, media institutions. That is why you should make mini search on the web bout the company you have made application for.

There are many things you should give importance to do for the interview. What are these points?

Hair Style

Especially women should prefer to make their hair style away from exaggeration. It is not suitable for the interview to have hair style dancing in the harmony. Besides, it is possible to prefer the hair style with wavy fund. If you have long hair, you should prefer to make it ponytail or bun in order that it doesn’t limit your movements during the interview, which is a good choice for windy weather, hot and sunny days. As far as the men are concerned, they should use little hair gel on the hair by caring for its cleanliness. Besides, they should have short hair without beard and moustache.

Hair Style - pbs.org
Hair Style – pbs.org

Make – Up

It is important step that especially women candidates should be careful. They should avoid from exaggeration of make-up. While your close friends watch your make- up with a great admiration, human resources agents may not enjoy your attractive eyeliner or make- up. It will be the best choice to utilize light eye make-up, light face powder, lipstick that is suitable for color of your lips by avoiding from brilliant materials. Your natural beauty should be attractive. Finger nail polishes should be away from brilliant colors. French might be good choice. Besides, men should not use shave lotion much. Don’t ignore the reality that the interviewers might have sensibility to the perfume; thus, you had better utilize light and fresh options for the odors and perfume.


Generally, people or candidates should use one accessory, which is enough for them. Since, the earrings might give unwanted voices. Or else, interviewers might not enjoy this position. Earrings should be small and away from the voice. Necklace and rings should also be modest, while the men should avoid from necklace and earrings, too.

Wear Accessories - foundwanderer.com
Wear Accessories – foundwanderer.com


The most significant step the candidates should give much importance is to dress up well. Women should wear dark blue and black skirt and jacket. In addition, the season is important for the interview. There is possibility to have dirty trousers in winter, so women can use skirt or dress that is suitable for the interview. In summer, you can prefer to wear soft colors such as powder color. The clothes you choose should be fit for your appearance, and it can’t be too large for you. If your clothes have dark color, you may wish to wear fair colored sweaters or shirts inside. Avoid from décolleté dresses, too. Men should put on dark colored suits and white or blue shirts. Besides, in summer they don’t have to prefer to wear jacket. Provided that you wear sweater or jumpers, you might feel hot. That will be disturbing for you, too. Pay attention on their cleanliness. And also prefer to use a tie that is not making the eye tired.

Shoes and Bag

For women, it is beneficial to use low-heeled shoes that are not attractive. Besides, you should make some practices at home if you don’t have any experience to walk with heeled shoes. Pure bag that is compatible with your shoes might be better choice for you. Men should also prefer to wear classic modeled shoes that are clean and neat. Besides, they can prefer to take a briefcase to place a resume and personal equipments.

Some Clues

  • No matter what kind of interview you are invited, give much importance to the clothes that are clean.
  • Don’t choose to wear jeans and t-shirts even if you apply for the position of training.
  • Trousers, elegant shirt or pullover could be good options for the interviews. Since, it reflects the seriousness.
  • Right choice of clothes or dresses could reflect your professionalism, self-confidence and suitability of the position.
  • Don’t make you eliminate owing the wrong choice to wear in the interviews.

All in all, giving much importance to the appearance along with clothes might be much more crucial than everything. Since, the first impression the interviewers get is significant for the interview. Thus, everybody must care about each detail about the appearance for such these occasions. Each detail from shoes to make- up and accessories you use reflect your self- confidence along with professionalism in your department. In order not to lose this struggle, think twice to wear in the interview. Reflect your elegant style with modest appearance in the interview!

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