While Saying Farewell to Your Office


It is time to leave your job! You should say goodbye to people who you worked together. There are some advices which will help you write your emotions.

Especially, you need to say goodbye your colleagues and your job. Maybe you change your job or you leave from your job, farewell is touching. But it is necessary in office culture. You should prepare a text which you address to your managers, your colleagues, your partners and other people who work in that office before leaving. Firstly, you should specify your leaving reason. You have to send your text by mail and you should add your contact information to your mail. So, they know how they can make contact with you. But a farewell mail should include more than this information. How should a good farewell mail be?

Golden Rules of Farewell Mail

  • Sincerity: You should explain emotions which you really feel.
  • Be Positive: You can mention about your dreams which are about your future, and hopes without exaggerating.
  • Use Concise Description: You should be careful that the text has to be short and brief.

What Should You Mention in Your Farewell Mail?

  • You can mention about how long you have worked in that company.
  • What you like about your work and company.
  • People who you appreciate and take as an example.
  • What you feel from this leaving.
  • Learning opportunities offered you, supports given, friendships you have, gratitude you feel.
  • Special memories and cheerful anecdotes.
  • Leaving reasons.
  • Where you go.
  • Your hope and good wishes for your colleagues and managers.

How to Write a Farewell Mail?

Lots of us take a farewell mail for our professional business life. Sometimes with a better career opportunity, sometimes with their wish, sometimes with necessarily, Farewell mails are always serving to inform.

Farewell Mail Samples

If you cannot write a farewell mail, you can use these samples. We know that you are little sad today. You are leaving from your job that you gave effort for years. During your working, you had your good colleagues, your own computer, your own table, etc. Even if you decide to leave your job before months, you are upset now.

Sample 1:

Valuable Workmates,

I am leaving my duty which I started on the date of …., as of today. Thank everyone who I worked together, became support me within the time when I worker in the company of….

Hope to See You Again

Contact Information:

Phone Number:

E-mail Address:


Sample 2:

Dear Business Partners,

I am leaving my duty from the company of …, as of tomorrow, I worked here by enjoying and I was glad of you.

I feel happily myself because I worker with you and I was in all of projects with you, IĀ hope we would come across with you in next projects.

I wish you success in your business life.

Yours Respectfully.

Contact Information:

Phone Number:

E-mail Address:


Sample 3:


I am leaving my duty as of today. I started my duty on the date of…. in the company of…. Even if I leave my duty, this company means lots of beautiful emotions for me like family, success, share, etc. I thank all of my colleagues and managers that I shared happiness, blues and joy. You can always reach me from my special mail.

So long!

Contact Information:

Phone Number:

E-mail Address:


Sample 4:

Dear Friends,

I am leaving my duty from now on. I was so glad of working with you. You can reach me from my contact information. Thank you.


Contact Information:

Phone Number:

E-mail Address:


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